Journal Entry: March 3rd, 2011 9:04 PM
Updates, Point Commissions, and Premium Membership!
Hi everyone! I have decided to get a tablet to draw with as I am tired of using my finger to manually color with Photoshop on my laptop. It takes forever which reduces the amount of art I can do during a period of time... I figured holding a stylus/pen would be a lot better :D ! I have been listening to a new Japanese pop group called "Perfume" and their music is great. I've also been listening to some awesome new age music which I will post some of my favorite songs here for you to enjoy while you are creating your art!

Perfume - Voice [link]
Carl Jenkins - Adiemus [link]
Amethystium - Odyssey [link]

So I have decided to have point commissions (as I would like a premium membership :3) since it is easier for people to conjure. Please click here to read the guidelines!

Also, I would like to feature my twin sister's gallery, Tasheena, :icontasheenaslone: She has a lot of art featuring Sailor Moon, digital landscapes, and portraits so check it out!