Ginga No Hoshi... A Sailor Moon Collection

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~*~*Dolls, wands, rods, and more!*~*~

Welcome to our Sailor Moon collection website! The intent of this site is to interact with other collectors and to showcase what sort of merchandise is available. Speaking of which, Sailor Moon items are very diverse, ranging from dolls to beef curry packs to mini washing machines! We've been avid Sailor Moon collectors since 1995 when we first watched the series. Now it's been over 10 years, and our collection still isn't even near complete...or even halfway there...but that's the fun part though! There's so much stuff available, there's always something new and exciting to add! For more information on what Sailor Moon is, visit the links on the left.

"Tsuki ni Kawatte, Oshioki Yo!" - Sailor Moon

Be sure to check back often for more arrivals! Also be sure to check out our deviant art pages at and for Sailor Moon related art and crafts as well!

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